Nick Oliver
Wisconsin's 22nd Assembly District
We are bringing back the Constitution in 2014!
I've been an active member of the Washington County Republican party, previously serving as Secretary and Vice-Chair.  I've worked phone banks and done lit drops for Conservative Republicans for many years. I'm pretty sure I have more RPW Campbell Awards than anyone in this race (probably even combined) due to my volunteer hours helping conservatives win races. I've spent years helping to make this party more conservative and be true to the Constitution. When researching which candidate to support, ask these questions.  One, how long have they been active in grass roots conservative races (or have they just joined the party to say they are a member)? Two, how do other "boots on the ground" grassroots folks see the candidate?  Is the candidate there to get a job, and possibly move on to another seat in politics, or are they there to DO a job, and follow the constitution?  It's the boots on the ground folks like us who do the work to get people elected. So, you want to know more about us candidates?  Ask people who do the work, not those who currently hold positions who want to see more of the same in the seats. I will spend the entire time in the legislature securing our freedoms and making sure that each of us has a very limited and efficient government, as it was intended.

It is an interesting time in the great State of Wisconsin. There are so many strong opinions being voiced all across our state. I think that the Representative from the 22nd Assembly District should be a leader in Madison. A strong, conservative voice of reason, working to eliminate, modify and introduce legislation that will positively impact the citizens of this district.

Thank you for checking out my website which contains information about some of my views and visions on issues that affect communities of the 22nd Assembly District. I intend to continue to work at the grassroots level to affect positive conservative change.

I look forward to speaking with you as I am visiting people around the district. Thank you again, for your time and interest, and if you'd like to help me move this state in the RIGHT direction please contact me. The information here is 100% accurate and I stand behind each word.

3-9-2014- *update*
Due to our legislators continuing to ignore our wishes, in 2012 I wrote a resolution that I was passed (slightly amended) at my county party, 5th district, and the state convention.  It was further passed again at our county caucus and 5th district caucus this year and I'm positive it will pass at state again. The purpose of the resolution is to get legislation on the books, and ultimately an amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution that prevents any Federal legislation passed that is contrary to the U.S. Constitution from being recognized here.  Here is my original text:

State support of the United States Constitution

WHEREAS, the Federal government continues to ignore our legal Constitution by passing legislation contrary to its purpose; and

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court is tasked with verifying the validity of that legislation, but sometimes ignores the constitution, or overtly defies it; and

WHEREAS, it is the duty of the States to defend the rights of its citizens when the Federal government attempts to trample those rights;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Washington County, in caucus assembled, strongly urges that our State Legislators immediately pass legislation notifying the Federal government that anything they pass contrary to the purpose of the United States Constitution will be null and void as recognized by the tenth amendment to that same document; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Washington County, in caucus assembled, also urges that our State legislators further protects its citizens from tyranny by amending our State Constitution with this same language.